Arthur moved to Vancouver, BC in 2009 from New York and the Philippines and was introduced to the outdoor life. He was quickly fascinated by nature and developed a ‘need’ to capture and share the feeling and emotion that he experienced along the way. Arthur sees something spiritual in photographing mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, stars, clouds, sunrise and sunsets, and even birds and other animals. That spiritual aspect is what he wants to bring out in his photos. He says, ‘God creates this beauty everyday and I hope to capture it as closely as God intended them to be seen.’ His lifelong goal now is to travel to different parts of the world to capture and share all these natural wonders. Arthur strives to keep learning and getting better at his craft. His influences include Ansel Adams (Landscape), Henri Cartier-Bresson (Street), Art Wolfe (Nature), Jimmy Chin and Cory Richards (Adventure), Michael Yamashita and Joel Sartore (Nat Geo), and Jennifer Wu (Night Photography).