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For example: Do you miss Filipino food or want to try it but don't know what to order? We have been proudly serving delicious, traditional, comfort food from the Philippines to Filipinos and non-Filipinos in the lower mainland of beautiful British Columbia since 2009. Whether you don’t have time to cook lunch or dinner, or just want to try something new, let us make your meal for you. All orders are freshly made and are ready in an hour. So check out our menu and give us a try!
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For example: Sally makes the best kare-kare! - James T. (Burnaby) or John's work on my car was very professional - Tina C. (Vancouver)
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For example: Pork Adobo - Tender pork slices slow-cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic. Good for two persons. - $12.95 per order
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Hi, I’m Sally!
I’m originally from Pampanga, Philippines. My family moved to Canada in 2006 and we now live in Richmond in beautiful British Columbia. My husband works in an office in downtown Vancouver and I am a full-time housewife. I am a mom to two teenage kids.
Like most Filipino immigrants, we are very grateful for our life here in Canada and the opportunities that this country has given to us. Even though we miss our family and friends back home, we have made new friends here in our adopted homeland with both Filipinos and non-Filipinos. We have also embraced the Canadian lifestyle especially the outdoor activities. We love hiking, camping, crabbing and biking on weekends.
We Filipinos love to eat, especially our own native food! I have been passionate about cooking for twenty years. Most of the dishes that I make come from family recipes passed down from generation to generation, starting from my grandmother to my mother then to me and my siblings. I meticulously hand-pick only the best ingredients and meat quality that I use for my dishes. But what’s my true secret for making delicious dishes? I make my dishes with LOVE. I only want the best for my family and for you!
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